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Employee time tracking software with screenshots, webcam, analytical reporting and more.

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Track Team's Time
Track and see how much your team spends on activities, tasks, projects, apps, URLs and more!
Analyze Productivity
See where your team's time goes, analyze the date you get and improve team's time management skills
Reach Targets
Have bigger control over company's time, direct the resources of your company to the right place and grow!

Automatic Time Tracking


URL & App Tracking

Application Title Tracking

Project Tracking

Cost Calculation

Features Overview

Check out the features you can use to increase your team’s productivity.
Features are configurable per employee.

A few great features you'll love to use

See who worked on what project or task, how much money you spent, analyze your team's time and productivity.

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"Best tool to stay in sync with your team”

Every timecard shows a summary of 10 minutes

Timecard view directly show you how efficiently the specific team member works on which task.

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“Deskcove increases productivity.”

See timecards in more detail.

Deskcove takes a screenshot from the monitors at a random time within 10 minutes. Also, active windows are shown for each minute.

“Deskcove made me see where my team's time is going”
of Productivity and Efficiency increase are shown by studies
Projects are completed more effeciently and quickly
Owners spend less by using our monitoring tools.

Time Management

Track productivity, attendance, and billable hours with a simple time tracker and timesheet.
Time Keeping
  • Track hours using a time tracker
  • Log time in a timesheets
  • Categorize time by apps, projects and tasks
  • Understand where your time and money are being wasted
  • Have control over your team
  • Track your project expenses live
Team Activity
  • Invite the whole team
  • Set employee hourly rates
  • See current activity
  • Track team performance
User Profiles
With DeskCove employee monitoring software, you can see work in progress as it happens.
Random screen capture and webcam capture can be customized for each person.

*You can choose to turn off any of the features.

Stay sync with your team on the go

Responsive Dashboard
Your Deskcove dashboard is a completely responsive design. You can check your team's activities on the go.
This gives you a too much flexibility. You don't even work to see what's going on with your team!

Instantly improve productivity

It’s a natural psychological effect.

As your team tracks their time they will be more aware of how they’re spending every moment of their day.

This improves focus and keeps your team on track.

Our customers are diggin’ it

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We cut our build times in half compared to our previous process. Love it.”
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“I can finally track what my remote team is actually doing with their time”
Jessica S.
Support Manager @ Biyo
“I wasn't able to track my team before, now I can see what is really going on with my teams”
Caglar A.
Owner - TOMA Engineering

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